Custom Vape Cartridge Boxes

2022 Guide to Marijuana Vape Cartridge Packaging

These days modern smokers prefer to use vaping as a classy tobacco product.  The vapor industry has also introduced new kinds of goods which are used by different people all over the world.  Keeping in mind this trend, H5 packaging offers best-in-class marijuana Vape Cartridge packaging solutions to meet your vape requirements.

Vape includes e-liquids, vapor juices, and many more. Diverse brands providing vape products are present and all the products no doubt need creative and modern packaging. We provide a variety of boxes containing a variety of materials. We have very fascinating design boxes with various shapes and colors to meet your packaging demands of vape cartridge boxes.

Why Choose H5 Packaging For Custom Vape Boxes?

It has been noticed that these days about 90 percent of businesses want to make more profit to expand their products. When it comes to consistency and pricing, we are reliable and honest as we aim to make things easy for the customer. Irrespective of traditional smoking, vapes have become a symbol of modern class and fashion now. This is one of the main reasons why there is a huge demand for vape cartridge boxes and e-cigarettes.

Packaging companies nowadays provide customers with quality e-cigarette cart packaging for an amazing customer experience.

What About The Vape Cartridge Packaging?

Most often modern vapes comprise three main parts such as heating element, battery, and the replaceable cartridge. So you need to place a new cartridge when the old cartridge runs out. So the need for vape cartridges is continuously increasing due to the demand for packaging.

To prevent the vapes cartridges from breaking and give them pleasant looks marijuana Vape Cartridge packaging must be durable enough. Therefore one needs to think a lot while designing the Vape cartridge customized boxes. The designers of today also need different logos and iconic visual presentations to create trendy-looking templates.  That’s why a packaging company like us always stands one step forward to meet the needs of the clients.

Packaging companies like us in this business for a long time and are aware of the cartridge packaging industry. This is one of the main reasons H5 packaging fully understands the needs of the vape cartridge packaging.

Aesthetic And Beautiful Cartridge Packaging:

Cartridge packaging has become very famous in the past few years. It is mainly due to the high demand for cartridges from potential buyers. Aesthetic and beautiful cartridge packaging is always the first selection. One main factor that you need to pay heed to while the packaging is the appearance of the customized vape boxes. Keeping this fact in mind the wholesale manufacturers of the cartridge always uses eye-catching packaging to grasp the attention of the customers. Most of the times packaging companies use various box designs, themes, images, and colors to make vape cartridge boxes more alluring.

Which Material Is Used To Design Customized Vape Boxes?

Vape Cartridge Boxes

Card stock, kraft paper, and cardboard boxes are the materials used for the preparation of vape boxes. Each material has its benefits and many brands prefer to buy boxes designed of bleached cardboard. Some businesses also prefer to go for boxes made of kraft paper because of its eco-friendly nature.

 No doubt that vape cartridge packaging can be designed in any dimension and shape. They are available in different packaging as they come in a variety of sizes. Therefore now a day’s every cartridge business must provide multiple sizes of boxes to meet the requirements of the e-cigarette cartridges.

Blank Cartridge Boxes:

These come at in low cost and are simply designed with a plastic window mounted on its top. These kinds of boxes are available in black color and come in different sizes. These vape cartridge boxes also have security features and are beautifully designed keeping in mind the purpose of marketing.

Marijuana Vape Cartridge Packaging diagonal windows:

These kinds of vape boxes come in white and black colors. Sometimes they contain a diagonal window or sometimes not. They come in different sizes and colors such as gold and silver to keep them away from any kind of damage.

Cartridge Boxes Having Sleeves:

These kinds of boxes are normally divided into two main parts such as the top lid which can be used as a gift box and are also called sleeve boxes. It is available in a stream of colors such as white and brown cardboard material and a plastic window is attached with marijuana vape cartridge packaging to present it as a display box.

Vape Ink And Triangular Cartridge Boxes:

Vape ink cartridge boxes contain an outer slider as well as an inner lid. It contains no plastic window on it and also provides security features. You can also get them customized according to your desired shape and color. While on the other hand, Triangular cartridge boxes are made of recycled cardboard and also coated art paper. It also provides a 100 percent paper insert and is available in different shapes and sizes.

Vapes- A Hot Trend In The Smoking Market:

E-cigarettes have become a hot fashion nowadays and it lead to the ever-rising need for vape cartridge packaging.  Packaging companies offer a wide range of boxes and customization for your vape products. To provide you with the best packaging, these customized boxes are made keeping in mind all the design factors. E-cigarettes and vapes have become an emerging trend. You might have to neglect the quality and certain details of the packaging. People nowadays have adopted using e-cigarettes rather than traditional cigarettes.

Custom vape cartridge boxes allow you to package products without ignoring the quality and other details. H5 packaging offers different boxes such as vape boxes, marijuana boxes, vape pen boxes, and many like this. Following the above-listed steps, you can easily create a vape box according to the design you have in your mind. You might need to select from a variety of options such as customization themes, materials, box types, sizes, printing, and finishing.


Vape products are famous because of two reasons: one quality and second its taste. H5 Packaging has been providing marijuana vape cartridge packaging for a long time and is well aware of its boxes trends. Thus our years of effort in the packaging industry sets us apart from the competitors.

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