How To Make Chicken Nesting Boxes?

Chicken boxes can be considered chicken furniture and are essential to your flock. Hens like to have a quiet place where they can lay their eggs. They can sit and lay their eggs privately, and when they are done, they jump out of the nest and continue with essential things like foraging or dust bathing.

In this article, H5 packaging will cover everything you need to know about chicken boxes and the services that H5 packaging can provide you.

What To Consider When Selecting A Chicken Box

You may be surprised to learn that chickens don’t need nest boxes at all – humans do. A hen will find a quiet, secluded place in the wild and make a nest there.

It could be in the hedge, barn, or any other place she likes, and that makes it difficult for predators to find her. After searching the proper area of fields and woods for the supply of eggs, the man finally chooses a nesting box so that the hen could have a special place to lay her eggs, and we could find them easily.

Of course, your all hens will also be safer in the custom chicken boxes than they would be in the field.

How Many Chicken Boxes Do Hens Need?

As a general rule, one pen for three or four hens.

I prefer a slightly higher ratio (especially if you have more than a dozen chickens). No matter how many custom chicken boxes you have, they will always fight for their favorite box. While most nests should be placed in the chicken coop, you can place a few inside the barn.

This ensures that there are enough boxes for everyone in various quiet places.

How Big Should They Be?

It actually depends on the size of your chickens.

• Standard size:

Chickens will fit very well in a 12″x12″x12″ inch box. Larger breeds like Jersey Giants will need a little more space at 12 “x14″ x12”. Each chicken box should only house one hen. Even though it may look adorable to have two girls lying in the same box can be hard on the eggs as they often break.

Which Material Is The Best For Custom Chicken Boxes?

custom chicken boxes

H5 packaging provides custom chicken boxes made of wood or plastic. Both the materials are durable and washable so that they won’t cause many problems.
The advantages of plastic are that it is light, washable, and lasts a long time. On the other hand, wood can be more beautiful and sturdy.

Custom Chicken Boxes Decor

Some people like to decorate their chicken boxes, and some don’t.


They don’t care one way or another, but there are helpful decorations for your hens.

The variety H5 packaging has is of almost every type you desire and for your comfort. Some DIY chicken nesting boxes options you have are:

• The Curtains Chicken Box

It will contribute to the privacy, calm, and darkness in which the hens prefer to lie down. The curtains should fit the front of the box and be made of a lightweight fabric that is easy for the girls to put aside. These curtains can be replaced when dirty or damaged.

Later, you can also use aromatic herbs (mint, peppermint, lavender, and chamomile). If you also wish to add color, you also have the option to add decorative flowers. They are excellent insect deterrents, and chickens will eat them too.

• Plastic Custom Chicken Boxes

It comes in a six nest pack. Each nest is durable molded plastic. These nests are solid and have an egg collection hole to collect eggs from outside the coop. Each nest can be placed on the floor or attached to the wall of a chicken coop. If you are searching for inexpensive and easy to install nests, this is a good option for your privacy.

It is made of high-density plastic to last a long time. In addition, since it is made of plastic, it will be easier to clean. There is also a perch in front of the door to fly up to the box. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to add a few nests to their coop.

• Metal Chicken Boxes

They are the type of choice for small to medium-sized flocks. They’re easy to clean, stand up to a lot of abuse, and are relatively lightweight compared to wood. You will generally find that metal nests are sturdier than their plastic or wooden counterparts, making them better suited to larger breeds.

• Straw Bedding Chicken Boxes

Straw bedding boxes make excellent nesting packing containers. It is quality if your vicinity a bar throughout the lowest to save you the eggs from rolling out.

This is an innovative use for vintage wheels. Whatever keeps a good pile of straw bedding will make open fowl nesting packing containers even though a few hens opt for a nest field, which is blanketed for additional privacy.

• Milk Crate DIY Chicken Nesting Boxes
If you aren’t eager on sawing or hammering, use milk crates to construct short fowl nesting packing containers. You can hold them creatively, as proven withinside the photograph above, or you may genuinely set them at the ground of the fowl coop full of bedding.

• A-Frame Custom Chicken Boxes

A nesting packing container may be simple. This clean layout may be made with some portions of scrap lumber. The most straightforward problem with a form such as the only beneath is the plain one – rot. If you want to make a nesting field like this, please make sure you upload legs or place bricks beneath it to preserve the dampness of the lowest.

Why H5 Packaging?

If you don’t experience constructing your fowl nesting packing containers, you may discover some lovely nesting packing containers on the market on our website of H5 packaging.

If you want a recommendation about which nesting field fits your flock’s quality, experience unfastened to reach us out for the best advice we can provide.

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