Custom Tuck Boxes

The eye-catching beautiful tuck boxes you see in restaurants, hotels, or some sophisticated people’s homes are not the result of their great product hunt. That is rather the result of their great product choice; because those captivating boxes are actually custom-made tuck boxes. These are used to box small items for safety. They can be used for different purposes. You can get such custom tuck boxes for yourself too from H5 packaging.

But one major thing that no one makes a compromise on, is the quality of boxes. And just like you, nor do we make any such compromise. Because serving the quality to our buyer is our first ever priority. Want to order? You are just one click away from ordering these in as much quantity as you wish.

Retailers’ reservation over ordering things in bulk is always whether the quality would be maintained in such bulk order too? The answer is yes. we maintain our quality through proper quality control and double-checking by our team of professionals. Our plain and easy-to-surf website makes it a very smooth experience for you to understand everything about the product you are interested in, whether you want it for home, or custom tuck boxes wholesale business. You can put in your queries as well, we are available 24/7.

There is a whole series of customizations that you can choose from, to make unique and distinctive custom tuck boxes. We have a team of experts in retail packaging that is adept in their work and field. This expertise of ours adds great value to your money. The material used in the product is completely eco-friendly, and our fast delivery service brings the order to you quickly.

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Different Styles of Custom Tuck Boxes

Anything with “custom” in its name is bound to have more than one style, and so are these tuck boxes. The different styles you can buy from us are following

i. Reverse tuck-end

These have openings on opposite sides of the box in an alternate direction. i.e. the syrups you buy are reverse tuck-end boxes.

ii. Straight tuck-end

These boxes have openings on opposite sides of the box but in the same direction. i.e. the tablets you buy are in un such tuck boxes.

iii. Auto-lock bottom

These are lockable from below; hence named auto-lock bottom. i.e. tissue boxes are auto-lock bottom.

     iv. Seal-end

As their name suggests, these custom tuck boxes have a sealed ending on the sides. i.e most cosmetic products are sold in such boxes.

Ingredient Material

Knowing the ingredients of the boxes, and their specialty is necessary to choose the type of material you want your product to be made of. The materials commonly used are

        i. Cardboard

This should be preferred if the custom box is to be used for everyday use. This is a common material used for custom boxes.

ii. Corrugated

Corrugated should be given preference if the custom box is to be stored for a relatively larger time, or to be shipped to far-off places.

What Makes The Difference?

With these unlimited styles and materials to choose from, what makes these tuck boxes different from each other? The answer is the quality of printing. Styles and materials used are trademarks of no one, but using the high-standard printing and post-printing processes is what makes us stand out from other such custom tuck boxes wholesale companies.

i. The CMYK

CMYK stands for four colors, cyan, yellow, magenta, and key. The print using the product of the blending of these colors gives it a premium look.

ii. The PMS

PMS is a technique of extracting shades from the color specified by the brand to match its theme.

    iii. Embossing and debossing

Embossing and debossing means to make the printing bend out or on the surface, respectively. This not only gives the tuck boxes, premium look, but also a premium feel.

    iv. Foiling

We can wrap the custom tuck boxes in one color of your choice from the three available colors we have, which are

  1. Gold
  2. Silver
  3. Rose-Gold

H5 Packaging: Your Preferred Destination

With this being known what a custom tuck box is, and what are their different styles and materials used; you must have thought of your ideal custom-made tuck box in your mind. Now the real question is, from where can you bring this idealization of yours into a practical product. We have your answer, you can get premium-quality custom tuck boxes from H5 packaging in as much quantity as you want. You will be served with cheap delivery and great quality. So, stop delaying and get to touch your idea within days by placing an order now!



Gloss, Matte, Spot UV


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All Custom Sizes & Shapes


Custom Window Cut Out, Embossing, Gold/Silver Foiling, PVC Sheet., Raised Ink


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CMYK, No Printing, PMS


3D Mock-up, Flat View, Physical Sampling (On request)


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