Custom Tie Boxes

It can be easily said that tie boxes are essentially important for the packaging of ties. As advertisement is the foremost concern, therefore tie boxes need to be made of high-quality material. The advertisement also requires you to customize your tie boxes so that they look unique and presentable. The only way that this is possible is if we go for custom tie boxes rather than regular ones. The good news is that now H5 Packaging is letting you customize your tie boxes in all manners possible. Custom tie boxes are not only innovative, eye-catching, and smart types of boxes but due to these features, their usage in the packaging industry is increasing day by day. Nowadays most customers see the tie boxes more than the quality of the tie. The appeal of the box makes a huge difference in customer satisfaction. So, it is always beneficial to go for custom tie boxes for your tie brand.

H5 Packaging gives you the opportunity for personalization through changes to any sort of features of the custom boxes. Numerous customization options are available by opting for H5 Packaging. The best part is that now you can have your order in bulk. Tie boxes wholesale prices are very nominal and the delivery time is minimal as compared to other service providers. H5 Packaging provides such a minimal delivery time so that the clients get satisfied and can move on with their work as soon as possible since time is of the essence. The best part is that at H5 Packaging, the client can discuss the features of their boxes with the online chat moderator at any time of the day. Since the tie boxes, wholesale prices are very low and the number of adjustable features is a lot, H5 Packaging provides the best offers compared to the competing market.

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Adjustable Options

Different color and printing techniques are available at H5 Packaging for your custom tie boxes as we provide high-end services. Boxes can be personalized with a logo, brand name, typestyles, graphics, and designs depending on the product. The versatility of these boxes increases their demand among retailers and buyers. Any company using these boxes will see an exceptional increase in their sale and will stand out in the crowd if they opt for customization. H5 Packaging will adjust the look of the boxes according to the needs of the buyer. These adjustable options make the end product unique and stand out from the crowd.

Display Options

Another very unique feature of custom tie boxes is that they also have display windows. Due to the presence of display windows, they are also called transparent packaging. The window cut-outs are available in different designs and styles; this feature adds elegance and beauty to the packaging. Customers can see the product through the packaging which helps them decide which tie they would like to buy. Decisions based on actually looking at the real-time color of the tie are what alleviate customer experience and satisfaction. In turn, sales are increased and businesses flourish. H5 Packaging will adjust the size, length, and width of the display window so that the color and the design of the tie are seen clearly.

Usage of Lightweight Material

An amazing thing to know is that at H5 Packaging the material used is extremely lightweight for example Kraft or cardboard. Since we all know that heavy felt boxes do not appeal to the customer who looks for an option that is more accessible than that. These custom tie boxes are lightweight and come in handy. 

Benefits Through H5 Packaging

If you go for using H5 Packaging as your vendor for custom tie boxes there are a set of benefits that you can get. For example, these boxes are eco-friendly since they are manufactured from the utilization of recyclable substances. Due to this reason, they are also light-weight. Hence, they can be easily shipped, transported, and carried. Furthermore, we all know that ties are a high-end gift. So, if you’re looking for perfect packaging for a gift, it has to be no other option but custom tie boxes. They are a trendy way to present a gift to your loved ones. You can’t just pack ties in custom boxes with products like jewelry, cosmetics, and watches too. By choosing a proper box with amazing labeling and a display window that shows everything, you can enhance the experience of giving a gift to a loved one.


Gloss, Matte, Spot UV


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All Custom Sizes & Shapes


Custom Window Cut Out, Embossing, Gold/Silver Foiling, PVC Sheet., Raised Ink


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CMYK, No Printing, PMS


3D Mock-up, Flat View, Physical Sampling (On request)


100 – 500,000