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Cigarette boxes are usable in putting cigarettes in it otherwise cigarettes can get dirty and unusable. A cigarette is made up of tobacco and wrapped in a thin and lightweight rag fiber. They definitely need a covering. Thus, this coverage is provided at the H5 Packaging.

Cigarette boxes that are provided at H5 Packaging protect the cigarettes from being crushed and bad bacteria. This cigarettes packaging is 100% eco-friendly. The delivery of these cigarettes packaging boxes is FREE of cost. There are uncountable variations that are applicable to the packaging of cigarettes. The printing on the cigarettes packaging on boxes is in various types such as embossing, debossing and foiling. There are expert teams at the H5 Packaging in the ng of the cigarette boxes. The delivery to happy clients of a H5 Packaging is within 4-6 working days.

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Custom Cigarettes packaging boxes are easily available from any tobacco shop all around the world. These packaging boxes are available in various styles that glorify their design. People mostly get attracted to them because of their catchy designs. There are many expensive wholesale custom cigarettes packaging boxes because of the material and designer work. It enhances beauty and adds style to one’s appearance. It is a luxurious item that is a showcase for cigarettes.

The style of the Custom Cigarettes Packaging

The custom printed cigarettes packaging boxes are boxes that are basically tucked boxes. There are many tuck end style boxes. They are the following

Straight tuck-end. These boxes have closing from above and its one-way tuck end. It is convenient for users.

Auto-lock bottom. Therefore, this type of custom cigarettes packaging means that the cigarette box is closed from below and the opening is from above, also known to be a one-sided opener box. It keeps the cigarette safe inside.

Seal-end box, similarly seal end box is likewise auto-lock bottom. It is lockable from below and thus un-foldable.

The Material is Important

The material is the most important component without which making of the cigarette box is not possible. Therefore, there are different materials that are appropriate for cigarette boxes. Hence, they are listed below.

  • The cardboard material
  • The corrugated
  • The Lenin and the Ridgid material

Therefore, the cigarette is every day using the object. It needs an accurate covering. Therefore, detailing about the material is that cardboard is the lightest of all the three materials. The corrugated is stiff and the Lenin and the Ridgid are the toughest material. Hence, the cardboard material is the best option in making of cigarette boxes for the buyers.

The Printing Shows Class

Printing is the most important part of the making of cigarette boxes. Therefore, these boxes need intense colors in order to attract customers. The more the vibrant colors the more they are concentrated looking.

There are four new techniques of printing that make your brand differentiate-able in the market. They include the following

  • The CMYK technique
  • The PMS
  • The embossing
  • The debossing
  • The three-color foiling

The CMYK procedure is the HD process of printing. There are four main colors that result in extraordinary printing. These four colors include cyan, magenta, yellow, and key. Therefore the PMS printing technique is the way in which shades of a particular color are extracted.

Hence, embossing and debossing is the process to make the text, logo, or important information on the box more prominent.

Thus, the three-color foiling is the wrapping of the box in the form of printing. It is a new process that makes the cigarette box more eye-catching. Hence the three colors are gold, silver, and rose gold.

The Coating Perfection

The coating is the final layer of finishing on the box. Hence, it is a requirement to make the box look more graceful when held in hand. Therefore, the coating is done in three different types. They include,

  • The glossy
  • Matte
  • UV spot appearance

The glossy gives out the shiny surface of the box. It makes it fancier. Matte is the dry look of the box. The UV spot appearance is the new look, it includes both glossy and matte. The main part of the box is printable in gloss lamination whereas the rest of the box is matte.

Hence, for the cigarette box, the matte coating is the best option to make the box appropriate for holding.

Contact H5 Packaging Experts

Therefore, H5 Packaging is a great platform to make exclusive boxes with creativity. H5 Packaging not only deals in making of cigarettes packaging hence but there is also another custom retail packaging too. There are expert teams at the H5 Packaging that coordinate with clients to give shape to their imagination. The suggestions are FREE of cost. Whereas, the delivery of the shipment is also cost-free. Thus, 2D and 3D models are sent to customers before delivery. Therefore, grab exclusive quality boxes are your brand.


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