Custom Candy Boxes

At H5 packaging, the boxes will be made in a safe and germ-free environment for the candies. In this way, hygiene is also being looked at with aesthetics. The attractive boxes can be used by children to store other treats as well. Custom candy boxes are no doubt one of the best gifts for children.
The first word that comes into mind when you hear someone talking about candy, you immediately think of kids. We always understand that it is the kids who show emotion simply by merely looking at the box of the candy even before tasting it. So, the color, shape, and packaging matter the most when it comes to sales. custom candy boxes and a plain candy box, side by side, on the shelves of a supermarket would not be giving off the same message. ‘Candy’ a word that means joy for so many people around the world, cannot be presented in something as trivial as a plain box of candy. The ordinary box lacks in
appearance, presentation, and an eye-catching display. Being attractive just doesn’t make them eye-catching but very importantly increases their sales too. There are several ways to make them attractive, that is by using different shapes and sizes, for a girl maybe the shape of a flower or some fairy and a boy the shape of some robot. Moreover, by personalization, one can get different-shaped windows punched out from the outside of the candy box. Custom candy boxes are meant to be personalized according to the demand for the type of consumer that acquires them.

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Importance of a unique packaging

Having unique packaging can ensure that the designs look attractive enough to gather more people who want to buy the candy. Custom candy boxes could have the plainest of features but still could boost sales as long as the ideology is unique. H5 Packaging ensures that a unique packaging design is available for your candy brand so that you can sell more. Being a candy brand owner, you should understand that coming up with an interesting custom candy packaging is a difficult but achievable task. Once you are set up with amazing custom candy boxes, not only will your sales increase but the demand for the product will also increase. It is all about the story that you wish to sell through your product.

Features of candy boxes

As discussed earlier, a candy box is supposed to be unique and attract the attention of the shopper. For example, candy bars and candy canes all have a unique design regardless of the flavor that they have. Hence, there are certain features that you need to take into consideration when coming up with custom candy boxes:

  • Type of shape:

The shape of the candy box is supposed to be unique as well as attractive. Having a simple plain circular box with the label of the brand and the name of the candy will not be as appealing to the eyes of the customers as a designed custom box that has a unique shape and is tempting to look at.

  • Finishing of the box

The type of coating, in addition to the shape of the box, plays an essential role as well. There are a lot of types of coatings available at H5 Packaging, like foiling, gloss UV, and different types of laminations. Custom candy boxes should have the option of different kinds of laminations so that the product inside is safe, which is extremely essential.

  • After product usage:

Kids, especially, must learn the damages of single-use plastics because of the environment. Hence, it is an important feature of a candy box to be reusable. This will not only help the environment in any way possible but will also help the users to diminish littering and prove to be an important part of society. The way that we can do this is by making custom boxes of a material that can be biodegradable.

  • Add on:

There so many more things that we can add on while designing a custom candy box. Or we can have a UV spot finishing as a lamination process of the box. The desired custom candy boxes can only be achieved if we design the box with special attention.


H5 Packaging allows you to customize your candy boxes so that they effectively share your story.


Gloss, Matte, Spot UV


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All Custom Sizes & Shapes


Custom Window Cut Out, Embossing, Gold/Silver Foiling, PVC Sheet., Raised Ink


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CMYK, No Printing, PMS


3D Mock-up, Flat View, Physical Sampling (On request)


100 – 500,000