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10 Warning Signs of Your NAIL POLISH BOXES Demise

Women are likely to buy far more than men. Women love shopping and tend to take it as a time-passing activity. They are taken as impulsive buyers who avail of all discount offers and packages, whereas men buy only those things which are necessary. With the increase of health and beauty products coming out in the market more and more women seem to focus on their purchases. According to an estimate, 54% of beauty products are purchased by women. These include soap, face wash, makeup products, moisturizers, oils, and nail essentials. Women are very fond of these products and their uses. Just like much importance is paid to skincare and makeup, some women are as concerned about their hand and nail care. The first thing that comes into any lady’s mind when they hear the word nail is nail polish. Women are seen to be obsessing over them. They are available in all colors and textures which include glossy and matte. 

The history of nail polish can be traced back to 3000 BC. People used to paint their nails when going to battles. The ancient Egyptians used nail polish to signify class ranking. The elite class was only allowed to wear dark colors like red, while the lower class wore nude and light colors. But in time anyone and everyone can wear any color they desire. Teenagers are seen to be most fond of nail polish. Many brands in the market prepare the formula for nail polish and are flourishing in the industry. According to an estimate in the year 2012 nail polish sales reached $768 million, this was 32% more than the year 2011 and was due to increased obsession with nail art. With the increase in demand, enough companies had to take adequate steps to make their brand stand out in the market. 

Little does it matter if a company is just setting its feet into the industry or if they’ve been in the industry for years they all need to be very creative when it comes to packaging. Alluring and appealing packaging has always helped in attracting the masses toward the product. The basic aim of packaging is to communicate to the shoppers the uniqueness of the product and why they should invest their money into it. The way nail and makeover products are displayed to the buyers speaks volumes about the brand. Having promising packaging puts a great impression on the buyers. Every nail polish brand must manufacture glamorous custom nail polish boxes to get noticed by the customers. But sometimes some defects occur in the packaging which may lead to a bad name of the brand, here are a few such warning signs of your nail polish boxes demise: 

Low-quality material

If the material being used for the packaging is not durable and sturdy the product will lose its attraction. Such a material should be used that can protect the nail polish glass bottle from breakage or damage while shipping and being on the store shelf. 

Poor quality printing 

The printing of product packaging plays a great role nowadays, if the right printing is not done it will surely result in the nail polish box’s demise. 

Use of the odd color scheme 

Color scheme and printing are major elements for attracting the masses to your product. If the right color scheme and printing technique are used it will result in higher sales of the nail polish. 

Too much text on the box

   Companies try to add such elements to the boxes that enhance their marketing and tell more about their brand, but too much text on the nail polish boxes is a major turnoff. It makes the box look too crowded and unattractive. Therefore to enhance the attractiveness of the box less text must be used. A logo and brand name are enough to market the company. 

Use of inappropriate shape

While designing nail polish boxes much importance should be paid to the shape of the box, a box that encloses the bottle properly and elegantly should be used. Top flap boxes would be the most preferred ones for this commodity. 

Simple boxes 

Boxes with no sign of creativity on them are also a sign of the nail polish box’s demise. Such packaging is not desired by anyone and even if the product is outstanding due to its plain box no buyer will come towards buying it. 

Outdated boxes

Boxes with old-fashioned designs and techniques are a demise of nail polish boxes, new innovative designs should be implied. 

Lack of diversity 

Up-to-date designing which includes cut-out windows, gold and silver foiling, and hangers should be used. Rather than old corrugated boxes. 

High rates  

Boxes with high prices are not purchasable in bulk. Companies go for such packaging that is attractive but inexpensive at the same time. 

Non-biodegradable packaging  

People don’t buy such products that don’t support the idea of an eco-friendly environment, therefore packaging that is recyclable and biodegradable is preferred. 

Many wholesalers are designing custom nail polish boxes, one of many companies is H5 packaging which is the most experienced one.

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